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    The Apollo N3 Emergency Multi-Parameter Monitor is an advanced EMS monitor that combines flexibility and durability to meet the unique needs of patient emergencies, search and rescue operations, and

    patient transport.


    The system entails flexibility to support all emergency services requirements while facing the harsh weather conditions of Africa.
    The Apollo N3 offers multiple features that make it the ideal monitor for any emergency environment.


    Standard Package Includes:

    • 1 x Standard Apollo N3 monitor with built-in printer
    • 1 x set 5 lead ECG cable
    • 1 x set of ECG stickers
    • 1 x SPO² Adult finger probe
    • 1 x NIBP Adult cuff with tubing
    • 1 x roll of printing paper
    • User manual


    Suitable for Neonatal, pediatric, and adult use


    Apollo N3 Emergency Multi-Parameter MonitorMedical Technoloy_Emergency_Equipment

    Apollo Emergency Monitor N3

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    The Apollo Multi-Parameter Monitor is user-friendly & effective, accurate & stable, it is an optimal choice for those hospital departments where there is a need for long-term patient monitoring and fast-finishing settings.

    The monitor can also be used for intra-hospital transport situations and to connect to clinical networks.


    Product features:

    • 31cm Large touch screen
    • Simplicity at your fingertips
    • User friendly
    • Pacemaker detection and rejection capability – compliance with AAMI EC 13
    • Defibrillator protection – Tested with 5kV
    • Drug Calculation
    • Display up to 7 ECG waveforms
    • Compute and display heart rate (HR) values
    • Monitor ST-segment deviation for each lead displayed
    • Perform HR variation analysis
    • Recording and printing of recorded patient information
    • Apollo N2 has a complete data storage function, parameter waveform storage review, and automatic saving of alarm event and power-failure storage function.
    • Internal Battery can support a continuously working monitor for at least 2 hours
    • Can be used to transport patients
    • Touch Screen and Jog Dial
    • Integrated Three Color Warning Light system
    • Alarm Event Review
    • Practical User Interface Layout
    • OxyCRG Interface
    • Drug Concentration Calculation
    • Waveform Review of each Parameter
    • One hundred Alarm Record Playback
    • Plug-in Printer (Optional)


    Suitable for Neonatal, pediatric, and adult use

    Apollo Multi-Parameter Monitor N2Medical Technoloy_Hospital_monitoring

    Apollo Multi-Parameter Monitor N2

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    The Bedside Monitor stores data in a trend and event database. You can view measurement trend graphs and alarming events to help you identify changes in the patient’s physiological condition. The ZD120E monitor can be used during transport situations and for connectivity to clinical networks.


    Product features:

    • Pacemaker detection and rejection capability – compliance with AAMI EC 13
    • Defibrillator protection – Tested with 5kV
    • Drug Calculation
    • Quick mode operation
    • High-Performance Internal Lithium Ion Battery
    • Multi-parameter patient monitor
    • 31 cm LED-backlit LCD – non-touch screen
    • Slim body with a hidden handle, easy to move
    • Visual and audio alarm with triple colored alarm indicator
    • No-fan design matches the requirements of multi-patient ward
    • Able to save data when power supply fails
    • It can be used to monitor and record multiple physiological parameters of adults, children, and newborns
    • The monitor can be used both during transport and at the bedside.
    • Modern slim design with 120 mm width.
    • It can print seven waveforms simultaneously with the optional 112 mm detachable printer
    • Menu control with navigation knob.
    • Can be wall-mounted or positioned on a mobile stand.


    Suitable for Neonatal, pediatric, and adult use


    Bedside Monitor ZD120EMedical Technoloy_Hospital

    Bedside Monitor ZD120E

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    The MEDHealth iMD12 ECG patient monitor is the newest semi-modular monitor from MEDHealth Supplies. This ECG monitor combines the most upgraded hardware and software, giving a brand-new experience of monitoring.


    Product features:

    • Pacemaker detection and rejection capability – compliance with AAMI EC 13
    • Defibrillator protection – Tested with 5kV
    • Drug Calculation
    • 21 cm LED touch screen (TFT) with high brightness with Acctouch-5 technology
    • Modular construction
    • Plug-and-play module socket for flexible configuration of advanced parameters: IBP and EtCO2 (optional)
    • Over 2 hours of continuous operation with an internal lithium-ion battery
    • Touch Screen
    • Ton Smart HR / PR Automatic differential pressure
    • Automatic night mode
    • Intergraded handle for easy handling


    Suitable for Neonatal, pediatric, and adult use


    ECG Patient MonitorMedical Technoloy_Hospital_monitoring

    ECG Patient Monitor iMD12

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    The A5 oximeter measures accurately the amount of oxygen in your blood and tracks your heart rate quickly and easily.


    Our FDA approved A5 finger pulse oximeter is suitable for home environments, clinics, hospitals, sports health, community health centers, EMS services and other medical institutions.



    Product features:

    • For Medical use
    • CE and, ISO13485 Certified
    • FDA Approved
    • Auto power-on and power-off detection
    • Patented automatic 4-way screen orientation
    • Low Power consumption ≤ 0.4%
    • Portable, Small, and light weight
    • Durable and fashionable design: Vacuum-galvanization and UV printing technology
    • Battery life indicator
    • Battery capacity: 50 hours
    • Dual Color OLED display
    • Rotatable screen
    • Soft Silica-Gel finger-cot


    Nappi Code: 1099370001



    Finger Pulse Oximeter

    Finger Pulse Oximeter

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    The ZD120 Vital Signs Monitor is a touch screen Monitor that offers compact appearance, comprehensive functions, simple and convenient operation, which is applicable for hospitals, community medical treatment and family care.


    The monitor has made its mark in out-patient departments and doctors’ offices for its accuracy, durability, and cost-effectiveness.


    Product Features:

    • Certified to be used during the transport of patients
    • IPX1 Protective grade
    • CF defibrillator-proof
    • Continuous mode of operation
    • Touch Screen with a user-friendly interface
    • Large LED screen
    • Standby mode
    • Real-time recording of NIBP, SpO², and PR in manual and auto mode.
    • Optional: Temperature, printer, and Infrared ear thermometer.
    • Light Weight, only 1.66 kg
    • Visual and audible alarms for Systolic Pressure (SYS), Diastolic Pressure (DIA), Mean Pressure (MAP), SpO2, and Pulse rate (PR), while upper and lower limits of alarms can be set.
    • Lithium-Ion battery offers > 10 hours of internal battery life – for uninterrupted monitoring
    • Internal battery life-indicator
    • NIBP & SpO2 can be used in manual or auto mode
    • Convenient and quick measurement data, review:
      • Trend review – 168hours
      • Alarm review – 1000
      • NIBP Measurement reviews – 6000
    • Suitable for adult use, paediatrics, and neonatal for all-around monitoring, effortless operation, and high performance.


    Vital Signs Monitor ZD120

    Vital Signs Monitor ZD120

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