Vital Signs Monitor ZD120

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The ZD120 Vital Signs Monitor is a touch screen Monitor that offers compact appearance, comprehensive functions, simple and convenient operation, which is applicable for hospitals, community medical treatment and family care.

The monitor has made its mark in out-patient departments and doctors’ offices for its accuracy, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Product Features:

  • Certified to be used during the transport of patients
  • IPX1 Protective grade
  • CF defibrillator-proof
  • Continuous mode of operation
  • Touch Screen with a user-friendly interface
  • Large LED screen
  • Standby mode
  • Real-time recording of NIBP, SpO², and PR in manual and auto mode.
  • Optional: Temperature, printer, and Infrared ear thermometer.
  • Light Weight, only 1.66 kg
  • Visual and audible alarms for Systolic Pressure (SYS), Diastolic Pressure (DIA), Mean Pressure (MAP), SpO2, and Pulse rate (PR), while upper and lower limits of alarms can be set.
  • Lithium-Ion battery offers > 10 hours of internal battery life – for uninterrupted monitoring
  • Internal battery life-indicator
  • NIBP & SpO2 can be used in manual or auto mode
  • Convenient and quick measurement data, review:
    • Trend review – 168hours
    • Alarm review – 1000
    • NIBP Measurement reviews – 6000
  • Suitable for adult use, paediatrics, and neonatal for all-around monitoring, effortless operation, and high performance.




You can view our Vital Signs Monitor ZD120 measurement trend graphs and alarming events to help identify changes in the patient’s physiological condition.

While the Monitor is easy to operate, and durable, the Vital Signs Monitor ZD120 is applicable for medicine, surgery, operating room, ICU/CCU, emergency room, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics. You will be able to measure vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, blood pressure, and heart rate. The monitor can record and store data for up to 168 hours.

The Monitor ZD120 only weighs 1.66kg and has a long-life lithium battery that can last up to 10 hours of operation.

Standard configurations:

  • SpO² Specifications
  • NIBP Specifications
  • TEMP Specifications (Optional)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 31 × 22 cm

1 review for Vital Signs Monitor ZD120

  1. Loraine du Bois

    I had to transport my father 200km to the nearest specialist during an emergency situation. While in transport I made use of the ZD120 patient monitor from MEDHealth Supplies ensuring my father was coping. The monitor operated on battery during the 2 hour transport. The ZD120 is easy to use and simple to set-up. When we reach the specialist, we could go back into the recorder’s history to get a clear picture of his progress.

    What a pleasure to use high quality equipment that is trustworthy and affordable. Thank you MEDHealth Supplies for making this possible for us.

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