ArcAngel Endotracheal Tube Holder

Invented by a Nurse Practitioner, ArcAngel is a secure, adjustable, multi-functional neonatal and pediatric endotracheal tube holder that eliminates tape and increases ETT/NGT placement accuracy. The ArcAngel cheek pads are gentle, adjustable and easy to clean.

  • Securely holds both endotracheal and gastric suction/feeding tube.
  • Adjust ET and NG or gastric suction tubes independently of each other.
  • NG / gastric suction tube can be inserted and secured both orally and nasally.
  • 0.25cm hash marks on the holder make adjustments safe and precise.
  • MRI safe – metal free.
  • Non allergenic – latex free.
  • Eliminates tape on baby’s face for better visibility.
  • Decreased risk of skin damage due to tape irritation and repeated cleaning/reapplication.
  • Cheek pads can be wiped clean and are fully adjustable for custom fit.
  • Cheek pads are designed to eliminate the need to trim.
  • The arc is easily removed in emergency situations without need to remove cheek pads.






ArcAngel is a secure, adjustable, multi-functional neonatal and pediatric endotracheal tube holder that eliminates tape and increases ETT/NGT placement.

ArcAngel ensures secure and efficient tube placement, reducing the risk of complications. The tube holder offers a seamless solution, providing stability and preventing accidental dislodgment.

Crafted with precision, The ArcAngel Endotracheal Tube Holder is fully adjustable for a custom fit for every baby, every time and is available in four different sizes. The user-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free adjustments, One Nurse, One Hand  Seconds for Adjustments.

The Arcangel tube holder stands out with its innovative features, prioritizing patient safety. The ArcAngel cheek pads are gentle, adjustable and easy to clean.

The holder’s durable materials guarantee longevity and reliability, giving healthcare professionals confidence in its performance.

Whether you’re a Specialist or a nurse, our ArcAngel Tube Holder streamlines the process, enhancing patient care and overall efficiency.

The ArcAngel is the only product on the market that can securely hold both an endotracheal and gastric suction/feeding tube. Since the tubes can be adjusted independently of each other, the ETT will remain secure in its position while the NG or gastric suction tube is being adjusted and vice versa.

The ArcAngel is secure enough to maintain ETT placement, but it will NOT occlude the tube. A suction catheter will easily pass through the ETT when secured in the ArcAngel.


Precision Adjustment

Ensure accurate adjustment every time by utilizing the 0.25cm hash marks on the holder itself. One nurse using one hand can adjust the tubes—no other staff needed. Less chance of ETT becoming dislodged during adjustments or normal baby care which means safer for baby. Ergonomic, anti-slip outer grooves on the rotating locking ring make adjustments quick and safe.

Simplified Cleaning & Fewer Reapplications

Proprietary, long-lasting adhesive is safe for premature skin and remains secure regardless of heat and humidity*.
* In clinical trials, adhesive has remained secure for 12 days with 80% humidity and longer.


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