Ultra Low Dead Space Syringe 1ml with 23g Needle – 250per box


Our innovative 1ml Ultra Low Dead Space Syringe (ULDSS) is designed to limit the dead space that exists between the syringe hub and needle.

This simple innovative product can ensure that 20% more people will have access to a vaccine for no extra cost to institutes, resulting in an enhanced economic recovery rate from such a spend.


Product features:

  • 1ml Syringe
  • 035µL
  • Luer Slip
  • EO sterilized
  • FDA Certified
  • Isoprene rubber & Latex-free
  • 23g needle
  • Box Size: 250 syringes with 23g needles


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Our innovative 1ml Ultra Low Dead Space Syringe with a precision-engineered 23g Needle. Designed for maximum efficiency and minimal waste, this syringe is a game-changer in medical and laboratory settings.

With a sleek 1ml capacity, the Ultra Low Dead Space Syringe is compact yet powerful, delivering accurate measurements with every use. The clear barrel provides easy-to-read volume markings, ensuring precise dosing for medications, fluids, or experiments.

Crafted for convenience, the low dead space design minimizes residual volume, reducing costly product loss. This feature is especially crucial when working with expensive or limited-quantity substances. Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and hello to cost savings.

The 23g Needle is expertly honed for smooth injections. Its ultra-fine, high-quality stainless-steel construction guarantees sharpness and durability, facilitating seamless penetration. Whether it’s administering medication to a patient or extracting samples in a laboratory, this needle gets the job done with minimal discomfort.

Transitioning from drawing to injecting is effortless, thanks to the syringe’s smooth plunger action. The ergonomic finger grips ensure a secure hold, promoting steady and controlled application. This syringe and needle combo is your reliable partner, ensuring the procedure is as quick and comfortable as possible.

In busy medical environments, time is of the essence. The syringe’s simple assembly and ease of use streamline workflows, allowing professionals to focus on what truly matters: patient care and accurate data collection.

Upgrade your medical supplies with the 1ml Low Dead Space Syringe with 23g Needle today. Experience the difference of a thoughtfully designed syringe that prioritizes precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Your patients, your team, and your budget will thank you.


  • Product Specifications:

    • The product is for single use only
    • Needle Cap Color: Transparent and colorless
    • Barrel Material: PP – Polypropylene
    • Plunger Material: PP – Polypropylene
    • Plunger Stopper (Gasket) Material: Isoprene rubber, Latex free.
    • Lubricant Composition: Silicone oil
    • Adhesive Material: Epoxy Resin
    • Needle Material: Stainless Steel, SS304
    • Needle Size: 23g
    • Hub Material: PP-Polypropylene
    • Related Directive: 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive
    • Risk Class and Rule: IIa, Rule 6
    • Dead Space Volume: < 0.1 ml
    • 2 Part 1ml Syringe: Barrel + Plunger
    • 035µL Low Dead Space Saving
    • Luer Slip Tip
    • Sterilization method: EO sterilized
    • GMDN Code: 35904 Syringe, hypodermic, metered delivery.
    • Isoprene rubber & Latex-free


What is in the Box: 250 x 1ml syringes with 23g needles individually packed


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 32 × 12 cm

LDSS Syringe < 0,055µL, LDSS Syringe< 0,035µL


Low Dead Space Saving Syringes – WHO-EURO-2021-1834-41585-56784-eng

LDS Syringes_2201_V2

SET Medikal – Technical Data Sheet – 1 ml Syringe with 23G Needle