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    This incredibly beautiful musical mobile allows you to soothe your baby before they fall asleep thanks to its soft music (3 minutes).

    Baby will be amazed by the wide mirror (diameter 14cm) and the 4 cute characters (lion, butterfly, giraffe, bird) that slowly spin.

    This musical mobile made of colored fabric, coordinated with the Tipi mat, will add the final change to the decoration of your baby’s room.


    Suitable for children aged 0 months +

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    Infantino Musical Mobile Carousel

    Infantino Musical Mobile Carousel

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    Let your baby sleep peacefully with the Infantino soothing light projector. It comes with 3 modes: night light, projector and bedside lamp.


    Soothe your little one to sleep with the Watch over me starry nights. The Infantino soothing light projector comes with 2 modes: a starry projector and calming night light. Each mode plays a diverse playlist of lullabies. It is easy to attach to a crib or can be placed on the bedside.


    Infantino soothing light projectorInfantino

    Infantino Soothing Light Projector

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