Infantino Musical Mobile Carousel


This incredibly beautiful musical mobile allows you to soothe your baby before they fall asleep thanks to its soft music (3 minutes).

Baby will be amazed by the wide mirror (diameter 14cm) and the 4 cute characters (lion, butterfly, giraffe, bird) that slowly spin.

This musical mobile made of colored fabric, coordinated with the Tipi mat, will add the final change to the decoration of your baby’s room.


Suitable for children aged 0 months +

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Soothe your baby to sleep with this beautiful Infantino Musical Mobile Carousel. Your baby will marvel at the large slow-moving mirror and the four plush characters. The wind-up music box (no battery needed) plays a gentle, three-minute lullaby. Easy to attach to most baby beds. Super Safe Design: Made of mostly light and soft materials/fabrics, making it safe even if you accidentally hit baby as you pick her up from the crib.

When your baby is born, their vision is still blurry, and they can’t see beyond 30cm away from them. Because their vision is still developing, your newborn baby relies on other senses, like their sense of hearing.

A good musical mobile is essential in nurturing your baby’s brain development. Because the hanging toys move to the music, your baby will learn to follow the motions and expect the toys to move when the music is played.

Musical mobiles are a fantastic way to help your baby develop both their gross and fine motor skills. Your baby may begin by following their musical mobile with their eyes. Gradually, they may begin following it with their head and, afterward, with their arms. With this, your baby can practice gross motor skills.

Product features:

  • The Infantino Musical Mobile Carousel will soothe your child with soft melodies.
  • Features a spinning wind-up music box, plush animals, and a large mirror in the center of the mobile
  • 3-minute lullabies for your child to enjoy four plush animals encourage reaching, batting, and grabbing
  • Easy to attach to most international standard cribs
  • No batteries required


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The Infantino team thinks smart, creates smart, and has loads of fun while doing it. Their joy comes from watching the world love and use the Infantino toys daily.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 50 cm


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