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    Biwaze Cough System is a respiratory therapy system that combines multiple therapies of assisted cough and lung expansion along with high-frequency oscillation, Biwaze™ breaks up and then removes mucus from the lungs by applying positive air pressure (inhale) to the airway and then rapidly shifting to negative air pressure (exhale).


    Other airway clearance systems use one pathway for inhaling air and exhaling mucus. The Biwaze use one pathway in and out.


    The Biwaze Airway Clearance System changes the dynamic with dual air pathways separated for inhale and exhale flows. This helps ensure the inhaled air is not contaminated with mucus from the exhaled air.


    Biwaze is designed to provide cleaner care, easier implementation and is a smarter solution.


    To put it simply, Biwaze is a breath of fresh care!


    BiWaze Cough SystemBiWaze Cough System

    Biwaze Cough System

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    Water Chamber

    HiFRes Auto-Fill Water Chamber

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    The use of heated and humidified high-flow nasal cannula systems has become increasingly popular in the treatment of patients with respiratory failure in all age groups.

    The HF6 High Flow Nasal Cannula System delivers heated humidified air blended with oxygen through a nasal cannula.

    The patient receives heated air directly into their nasal cavities through a high-flow nasal cannula, leading to improved ventilation and oxygenation through the application of a positive pressure environment.


    The High Flow nasal cannula system is a safe and effective respiratory therapy system for invasive and non-invasive patients who breathe spontaneously.


    Standard Package Includes:

    • HF6 High Flow System
    • 1 x Spare air filter
    • 1 x Medium Interface Cannula
    • 1 x Auto-fill Humidifier
    • 1 x Heated Circuit
    • 1 x White medical gas tube with wall fittings
    • 1 x Wall-mounted oxygen flow meter
    • Medical grade trolley with four lockable wheels


    Suitable for Pediatrics >3kg and Adult


    High Flow Nasal Cannula SystemMonitor patients Pulse Rate (PR) in real-time giving the medical staff piece of mind.

    High Flow Nasal Cannula System

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