Infantino Jumbo Sea Turtle Bath Toy


The Infantino Jumbo Sea Turtle Bath Toy  is the perfect toy for playing, squirting, and splashing in the tub.
When bath time is done, unplug the turtle’s drain plug for easy drying and cleaning.

By pulling apart the Infantino bath toy, you prevent water from getting trapped inside and you prevent mold and mildew growth. The plug at the bottom of the turtle makes clean-up time so much easier.

  • Easy to drain and clean.
  • Design protects against mold and mildew.
  • Whimsical animal character.


Suitable for children aged 0 months +


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The Infantino Jumbo Sea Turtle Bath Toy is a delightful addition to your baby’s bath time routine. This vibrant and engaging toy promises endless aquatic adventures for your little one.

Crafted with care, the Jumbo Sea Turtle captivates with its colorful design and smooth edges, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime experience. Designed for interactive fun, it floats effortlessly, making every splash more exciting.

Dive into a world of imagination as your baby explores the textured shell, providing tactile stimulation. The gentle curves and soft material make it perfect for tiny hands to grasp and hold, fostering motor skills development.

Moreover, the Infantino Jumbo Sea Turtle is more than just a bath companion; it’s a valuable educational tool. Use bath time to teach colors, shapes, and encourage sensory exploration. Watch as your baby’s curiosity blooms with each squeeze and squish.

Transitioning from playtime to clean-up is a breeze with this toy’s quick-dry feature. Bid farewell to lingering moisture concerns and embrace hassle-free maintenance.

Furthermore, the Jumbo Sea Turtle is constructed from premium materials, ensuring durability for long-lasting joy. Its water-resistant design guarantees hours of non-stop play, promoting a positive bath time routine for both baby and parent.

In conclusion, make a splash with the Infantino Jumbo Sea Turtle Bath Toy – a fantastic blend of entertainment, education, and safety. Elevate your baby’s bath time with this charming companion, designed to stimulate senses and create lasting memories. Dive into a sea of smiles and laughter with the Infantino Jumbo Sea Turtle – the ultimate bath time delight!

About this item

  • Design: Easy for little hands to hold and soft for grabbing or gumming.
  • Development: Healthy development of fine motor skills in early childhood development is indispensable to success later in life, our Jumbo Sea Turtle can help develop those fine motor skills. Babies are eager to learn about the world around them, and they have so much to learn. Every new shape, color, texture, taste and sound is a learning experience for them.  Children learn to control small muscles that control their hands, fingers, and thumbs through fine motor development. As a result of these fine motor skills, children are able to feed themselves, grasp toys, button and zip their clothes, write, draw, and more. Our Jumbo Sea Turtle exiting colors are fascinating to babies while stimulating their vision.


Cleaning & care: Clean-up time just got much easier with our Jumbo Sea Turtle. You can prevent mold and mildew growth by removing the plug from our jumbo sea turtle and remove the trapped water.

Suitable from: 12m+

Colour:  Aqua Green

Included in the pack: 1 x Infantino Orca the Whale and 4 x colourful shaped blocks.


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 11 cm