Infantino Kick and Swim Pals


Our Infantino Kick & Swim Bath Toys add a splash of fun to your toddler’s bath time. Wind it up and watch it go! Little ones will be captivated by their new swimming pal and have so much fun cheering them on the tub. Available in two friendly animal designs.

  • Easy windup for captivating fun.
  • Perfect for bath time or water table play.
  • Introducing baby to cause & effect play.
  • Collect them both for bathtub racing!
  • BPA free.


Suitable for children aged 4 months +



Infantino Kick and Swim Pals is the ultimate solution for your baby’s water adventures. These innovative swim pals are designed to enhance your little one’s aquatic experience while ensuring safety and fun.

To begin with, our Kick and Swim Pals boast a user-friendly design, making them easy to put on and take off. Your baby will effortlessly kick and splash around, exploring the joys of water in no time. Moreover, these swim pals feature a secure fit, preventing any slips or discomfort during play.

Transitioning from land to water has never been smoother! With Infantino Kick and Swim Pals, your baby can seamlessly adapt to the aquatic environment. The flexible material ensures a snug fit, allowing natural movements for an enjoyable experience.

Safety is our top priority. These swim pals are crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, providing peace of mind for parents. The sturdy construction guarantees durability, making them a reliable companion for your baby’s water escapades.

Designed for babies of various ages, Infantino Kick and Swim Pals grow with your child. The adjustable straps and innovative sizing options accommodate your little one’s growth spurts, ensuring a perfect fit throughout their aquatic journey.

Transitioning from kicking to swimming becomes a breeze with Infantino’s thoughtfully designed swim pals. The ergonomic shape facilitates a smooth movement transition, allowing your baby to explore the water with confidence.

In summary, Infantino Kick and Swim Pals offer a secure, adjustable, and growth-friendly solution for your baby’s water play. Ensure a delightful and safe aquatic experience for your little one – choose Infantino Kick and Swim Pals today!

About this item

  • Design: The smooth edge won’t hurt your baby’s hands.
  • Development: The bright colors help to train children’s ability to distinguish colors, develop their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and motor skill. Baby bath toys are an excellent gift to enhance the relationship between parents and children. Healthy development of fine motor skills in early childhood development is indispensable to success later in life, our Jumbo Sea Turtle can help develop those fine motor skills. Babies are eager to learn about the world around them, and they have so much to learn. Every new shape, color, texture, taste, and sound is a learning experience for them.  Children learn to control small muscles that control their hands, fingers, and thumbs through fine motor development. As a result of these fine motor skills, children can feed themselves, grasp toys, button, and zip their clothes, write, draw, and more. Our Jumbo Sea Turtle exiting colors are fascinating to babies while stimulating their vision.


Cleaning & care: Easy to wipe clean and store.

Suitable from: 4m+

Colour:  Multi-coloured

Included in the pack: 1 x Infantino Orca the Whale and 4 x colourful shaped blocks.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 7 cm

Duck, Penguin