NURTURE Flexcone™ Electric Breast Pump Gift Set




The NURTURE flexcone™ electric breast pump helps to ensure that you can offer all the benefits of your breast milk to your baby, even when you are not able to be with them.

  • discreet, quiet, lightweight, and portable for total convenience
  • rechargeable battery for expression anytime, anywhere
  • super soft silicone flexcone™ provides gentle, comfortable, and natural expression for mum and mimic baby’s natural sucking action for more milk flow
  • 2-phase expression promotes milk production by mimicking baby’s natural breast-feeding action
  • 9 speed settings in each phase, putting you in full control
  • ergonomic design is portable and lightweight, perfect for use anywhere.
  • supplied with a manual conversion kit, keeping you always covered
  • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free

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The NURTURE Flexcone™ Electric Breast Pump, together with its super-soft silicone breast cup and flexcone™, provides gentle cushioning around your breast. This allows the pump to mimic the suckling action of baby and provide a natural feeling and effective breast milk expression.

While mimicking the way baby would feed from the breast, the Electric Breast Pump works by massaging and squeezing the breast using 2-phase expression – an effective and comfortable way of promoting milk production and flow. The two phases have nine different speed settings for ultimate control, meaning that mum can tailor the experience to her without compromising on comfort.


Phase 1: Fast, small pulses at first to massage and stimulate the breast to help gently encourage milk flow.

Phase 2: Slower and longer pulses to encourage ‘let down’ – the clever natural hormone reaction when breast milk will start to flow smoothly.

The flexcone™ works by gently massaging and squeezing the breast to imitate the natural process and feeling which occurs when baby is breastfeeding.


Size & dimensions: 85mm x 145mm x 165mm (pump body with bottle)

Composition: Polypropylene, Silicone

Cleaning & Care: See instruction manual for dishwasher and sterilization suitability.

Included in the pack:

  • 1x vital baby® NURTURE™ flexcone™ electric breast pump
  • 1x vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like feeding bottle 150ml, cap and collar
  • 1x vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like teat slow flow
  • 1x silicone breast cup and flexcone™
  • 1x manual breast pump conversion kit
  • 1x bottle stand
  • 1x bottle adapter
  • 1x spare membrane
  • 1x USB charge cable and plug adapter
  • 6x vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads
  • 56x vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra-comfort disposable breast pads
  • 30x vital baby® NURTURE easy-pour breastmilk storage bags
  • 2x vital baby® protect & care silicone nipple shields (universal fit)

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