Infantino Stay and Play flower


Fun is in full bloom with this spinning activity flower! Stay-put base easily attaches to most flat surfaces. Perfect for your little busy bee!



Product features:

  • Great for highchairs & strollers.
  • Fun activities include peek n’ see mirror, busy spinning bee, easy grab twirling butterfly, bouncing rattle beads & turning leaf.
  • Perfect for mealtime or playtime.


Suitable for children aged 3 months +


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Fun is in full bloom with this spinning Infantino Stay and Play flower! Stay-put base easily attaches to most flat surfaces. Perfect for your little busy bees!

Babies begin to learn through their sensory systems. They take in information through their sensory organs – such as their eyes and ears. The mind and the senses work together to create a meaningful world.

Sensory development in early childhood is important for overall health and wellbeing. It forms the foundation of a child’s learning and perception.

Babies start reacting to sensory stimulation from birth. They turn their head towards sound, follow objects with their eyes and discover their hands and feet by touching them.

Later they start to develop eye-hand coordination and will use their hands to touch something they see. They then begin eye-hand-mouth exploration by putting things into their mouths, which stimulates the sense of taste.

To Encourage Sensory Development:

  • Help baby explore with new toys, places, and experiences. When holding them, try facing them out to see the world around them.
  • Try minimizing unpleasant odors (change those diapers quickly!) to keep the baby from fussing.
  • Keep talking to baby and start to point and name items.
  • Toys with varying textures engage little ones and create interest that holds their attention.
  • Begin to offer age appropriate purees of fruits and vegetables between 4-6 months.


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The Infantino team thinks smart, creates smart, and has loads of fun while doing it. Their joy comes from watching the world love and use the Infantino toys daily.


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Dimensions 7 × 16 × 24 cm


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