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    Add cheers to your baby’s playtime with the Infantino Great Catch Rattle. Different shapes, colors, and textures that little ones take a lot of pleasure to discover.


    Baby will explore the new world as they play with the toy. The Infantino Great Catch Rattle encourages important sensory milestones including gross motor skill development and visual tracking. Perfect for sensory exploration and tactile development!


    Its soft, easy-to-grasp body is perfect for a baby’s small hands.



    Product features:

    • Plush fabric
    • Includes wooden teether
    • Rattling ball inside
    • Different textures and sounds keep baby busy
    • Contrasting colors for visual stimulation



    Suitable for children aged 0 months +



    Infantino Great Catch RattleInfantino

    Infantino Great Catch Rattle

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  • R127.80

    The Love Bug Rattle is designed with multi-modal stimulation.


    Spinning parts and soft, textured wings allow for the baby to explore hand and finger movement. Soft, textured parts allow for oral stimulation and meet babies’ teething needs.



    Product features:

    • Spinning body and rings allow digital manipulation
    • Soft and textured wings to simulate hand movement
    • Rattle with multi-modal stimulation
    • Colorful and complex body design


    Suitable for children aged 0 – 18 months +



    Infantino Rattle & Teether Love Bug

    Infantino Rattle & Teether Love Bug

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