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    The Mechanical Infusion Pump Droper Field 1000 is the only infusion pump that does not rely on energy, batteries, or gravity. The Mechanical Infusion Pump allows you to reclaim valuable time & manpower during emergencies.

    When using traditional IV infusion methods such as pressure infusion cuffs and gravity infusion results in the loss of time and resources during emergencies.

    • The infusion cuffs require emergency responders to constantly pump and maintain the cuff. This reduces the time and productivity of the emergency worker. This issue can intensify if several patients require infusions.
    • The second issue with pressure infusion cuffs in emergencies involves the fragility and finicky nature of the cuffs. During high-risk, high-intensity situations, emergency workers may unintentionally damage the infusion cuffs – especially the sphygmomanometer.
    • Thirdly, gravity infusion requires the user to hold the infusion bag at height to function.
    • Lastly, Emergency workers should not need to hold a bag while someone else is treating the patient.

    Using the Droper Field 1000 will prevent these risks and insufficiencies and removes the need for infusion cuffs and gravity infusion.


    The Droper Field mechanical infusion pump was designed with durability, ease of use, and rough situations in mind, the Droper purposefully serves as a one-push solution for IV infusions, blood, and plasma transfusion.

    The Droper has been tested extensively to ensure durability and performance during the most crucial moments.


    The following test has been conducted on the Droper Field:

    • Vertical drop test from chest height – this test involved holding the device by the black handle and dropping straight down landing on the bottom edge.
    • Horizontal drop test from chest height – this test involved holding the device by the black handle and dropping horizontally down landing on the side edge.
    • Endurance tests (compression mechanism) – this test involved the compression mechanism of the Droper with an infusion bag present the results showed the Droper can last for over 6000 cycles of compression.



    • Type: Mechanical infusion pump
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Weight: 1.9 kg
    • Delivered Pressure: From ±100 mbar to ± 200 mbar depending on the bag size
    • Dimensions: L 343 X W 227 X H 115 mm
    • Drip bag size: From 250ml up to 1000ml
    • Flow range: 95% to 100% depending on Droper positioning
    • Power Supply: Only mechanical
    • Power consumption: None
    • Classification: Class IIa

    Droper conforms to norms ISO 8536-4 and ISO 28620



    Mechanical Infusion Pump Droper Field 1000

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