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Steam cook and blend healthy homemade meals quickly for your little one with our vital baby NOURISH prep & wean™.

  • Three modes – sterilise, steam cook and blend
  • perfect for batch cooking and feeding later
  • Five blending modes allow you to tailor consistency of food to your child’s stage of weaning – from smooth purees to chunkier textures
  • 2-tier steaming system allows you to cook multiple foods with different cooking times all at once
  • suitable for use with fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish
  • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free


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Steam cook and blend healthy homemade meals quickly for your little one with our Vital Baby NOURISH Prep & Wean. Simple and easy to use, the NOURISH Prep & Wean has three distinct functions and a large 900ml jug capacity to help you through every step of weaning – sterilising, steaming, and blending.

  • Steam mode – cook food efficiently and effortlessly, while also preserving as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. The two’s two-tier design gives you the option to cook two separate foods at the same time. Absolutely great for steaming different foods that have varying cooking times.
  • Blend mode – Blades that never lose their sharpness can blend all types of food! The five different blending settings allow you to create a range of textures to suit all stages of weaning. All the way from first tastes to big kid meals and beyond. Effortlessly creating smooth purees for early weaning, then chunky textures as your baby develops, while also allowing you to incorporate the nutrients-filled residual water from steaming.
  • Sterilising mode – The effective release of steam means that the prep & wean™ can also be used as a super-quick steriliser for a single bottle, or accessories, proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 8 minutes!

Cleaning & care: See instruction manual for dishwasher suitability.

Colour:  Grey

Size & dimensions: W:30cm, D:13cm, L/H:22cm

Included in the pack: 1 x prep & wean™ unit, 2 x jugs, 1 x steaming basket, 1 x steaming attachment, 1 x blender blades, 1 x splash cover, 1 x spatula, 1 x tongs


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