Infantino Crystal Clear Teether Set – 3 Stages


The Infantino Crystal Clear Teether Set – 3 Stages is BPA, PVC, Dye & Phthalate free, and full of textures and shapes needed to meet all stages of teething.


If you’re looking for something to help soothe tender gums or satisfy your baby’s never ending quest to put something in their mouth, we’ve got the sensory-satisfying solution for you. Are you ready to try the Infantino Crystal Clear Teether Set – 3 Stages?



Product features:

  • 100% pure
  • Cool in refrigerator for extra comfort
  • Easy to grasp ring for small hands
  • Interesting textures relieve sore gums
  • Includes different textures and shapes for all stages of teething.
  • Easy to Clean
  • BPA, PVC, Dye & Phthalate free


Suitable for children aged 0 months +


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This Infantino Crystal Clear Teether Set is the solution to help soothe tender gums and satisfy your baby’s mind to put something in their mouth. The Infantino teether set is 100% pure and is designed to satisfy those tough teething months.

This set of three clear teethers includes a sweet sloth, a fun narwhal, and an exciting dragon. Each will serve as a soothing companion as your baby makes its way through the many stages of teething.


About teething:

Although every child is unique and teething can start early or late, babies will typically begin teething around the age of 6 months. The first baby teeth to arrive will usually be the middle top or bottom teeth (lower central incisors or upper central incisors). The process of these teeth pushing up through the gums can be a challenge for parents and a painful period for babies. Since the process is unpleasant, babies will become cranky and a bit more fussy than normal.

Obvious symptoms and signs of teething can include irritability, excessive drooling, the desire to place objects or hands into their mouth, and sensitive, puffy gums. Parents also inform that teething can cause diarrhea and fever, even though research shows this to be unproven.

Stage 1: (0-6 months) At birth, babies have a full set of 20 primary teeth in the jawbones beneath their gums. These are frequently referred to as “milk teeth,” because during this stage a baby’s diet usually consists of milk only.

Stage 2: (6-8 months) During this stage, the first teeth emerge. The lower and upper front teeth, the incisors, begin to erupt around 6 months, but signs and symptoms of pain or discomfort may become evident before 6 months.

Stage 3: (10-14 months) The primary molars start to emerge at this stage in the lower and upper jaws in the back of the mouth. A child’s symptoms during this stage will be like stage 2, but usually parents will observe a distinct increase in fussiness, drool, and the want to chew on hard objects.


About this item:

  • Design: Teether set to soothe, stimulate, and clean gums during three teething stages, front, middle, and back teeth; with textures to help with developmental growth while soothing tender gums
  • Material benefits: Free from BPA, PVC, dyes, and phthalates material; cool in refrigerator, not in the freezer
  • Development: Mouthing helps babies explore the world using their senses to learn about texture, taste, and temperature and build muscles they will use later in life for eating and speaking
  • Cleaning: Easy to wipe clean


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Dimensions 11 × 34 × 3 cm


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