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    The Mechanical Infusion Pump Droper Field 1000 is the only infusion pump that does not rely on energy, batteries, or gravity. The Droper Field 1000 allows you to reclaim valuable time & manpower during emergencies.

    In acute hemorrhage, it is sometimes necessary to transfuse blood very rapidly to save the patient’s life. This can be done safely by using the Droper Field 1000 through the direct pressure on the bag without any danger to the recipient.


    Product features:

    • Safe to be used during infusion and transfusion
    • Increased Flexibility for emergency workers
    • Energy Free
    • Maintenance Free
    • No Altitude Impact
    • Safer for the Patient
    • Can be used in various positions
    • Droper Field is the first portable and mechanical infusion pump delivering a CONSTANT FLOW.


    Mechanical Infusion Pump Droper Field 1000

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