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    Our EaseFit Nasal Pillow Mask provides minimal facial coverage and is lightweight which is why many patients with claustrophobia prefer them. Patients also like the fact these masks don’t have a lot of material to touch their faces. Nasal pillows reduce air leakage since they direct air into the patient’s nasal passages

    Product features:

    • Universal Fit
    • Safe: with Anti-asphyxia valve and anti-blocking holes
    • Comfortable: two direction adjustment to fit any size of face
    • Easy to wear or take-off
    • Suitable for various non-invasive ventilator
    • It comes with small, medium, and large pillows.


    Nappi Code Claimable through medical aids (scheme dependent)

    3 Cushion Sizes: 1171084*001



    EaseFit Nasal Pillow Mask

    CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask – EaseFit

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