Infantino CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier


This ergonomic carrier features a unique arched canopy hood that keeps the baby in full sight and happily covered. The wide, ergonomic seat supports the baby’s hips in the “M” position. The baby is supported from knee to knee with a naturally rounded back for a safe and comfy ride.

Mom and Dad will love this carrier too with the plush, adjustable shoulder straps and wide waist belt that transfers weight to the wearer’s hips for a more comfortable fit.

The Cuddle Up carrier is as adorable as it is functional, with the removable teddy bear hood and a hoodie-inspired pocket for parents’ hands.

  • Comfortable, ergonomic seat for baby two ways to carry: Front and Backpack.
  • Removable canopy hood with adorable teddy bear styling.
  • Machine washable.


Suitable to Carry children between 5.4kg -18.1 kg.


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Discover the ultimate comfort with the Infantino CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier. This innovative baby carrier ensures a cozy and secure experience for both you and your little one.

Firstly, let’s talk about the ergonomic design. The CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier is crafted with precision, providing optimal support for your baby’s developing spine and hips. Additionally, the carrier allows for multiple carrying positions, adapting to your baby’s growth and your own comfort.

Transitioning smoothly, the CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier boasts adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring a personalized fit for parents of all sizes. This feature enhances usability and promotes a hassle-free experience.

Moving forward, the built-in hoodie serves a dual purpose. Not only does it protect your baby from the elements, but it also adds an extra layer of privacy, fostering a cozy environment for napping or breastfeeding on the go.

Furthermore, the Infantino CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier is made from premium, durable materials. This not only ensures longevity but also emphasizes safety as a top priority.

In conclusion, the CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier is a must-have for parents seeking a blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Elevate your baby-wearing experience with this thoughtfully designed carrier, perfect for daily adventures or simple cuddle time at home.


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Cleaning & care: Wash machine safe – gentle cycle

Suitable from: Children between 5.4kg -18.1 kg

Colour:  Grey

Included in the pack: 1 x Infantino CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier


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