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AVENT breast pumps have been designed to increase your comfort when you are expressing. Feeling uncomfortable, stressed or in a hurry can make it more difficult to release your milk and can also affect your milk supply. That is why with our new Comfort manual breast pump you can now sit in a comfortable, relaxed position when expressing, with no need to lean forward. All our breast pumps feature a soft massage cushion to provide gentle stimulation of your milk flow and make expressing especially comfortable for you.
Also, our breast pumps are clinically proven to be more* or as effective** as hospital grade breast pumps.


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  • R1,496.30

    Comfortable pumping, wherever you go. Natural Motion Technology, for quick milk flow. Enjoy the gentle comfort of the Philips Avent portable Manual Breast Pump.


    With Natural Motion Technology, inspired by baby’s own suckling action for a quick letdown. Easily adjust rhythm and vacuum.


    Product features:

    • Easy to clean and set up
    • Easily triggers milk release before or between feedings
    • Express without leaning forward
    • Choose your rhythm, follow your milk flow
    • Portable and convenient
    • Ideal for moms who pump on-the-go
    • Simple, gentle and effective
    • One-size soft adapting silicone cushion
    • Helps you release milk fast


    Philips Avent Manual Breast PumpPhilips Avent

    Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

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  • R3,900.00

    Inspired by baby. Effective for mom. Natural Motion Technology for quicker milk flow. Enter a new era of expressing with a perfect balance of suction & nipple stimulation inspired by the natural way babies drink.


    The Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump keeps milk flow at an optimum & gently adapts to your nipple size & shape.


    Product features:

    • Minimal parts and intuitive setup
    • Quiet motor for a discreet experience anywhere (corded use)
    • Pause/Play function
    • Personalized experience, 8 + 16 setting levels
    • Memory function
    • Gentle and comfortable
    • One size soft and adaptive silicone cushion
    • Express without leaning forward
    • Quick expressing, more milk in less time
    • Natural motion technology for a quick milk flow


    Philips Avent Single Electric BreastPhilips Avent

    Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

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