We love baby wearing. Infantino is the number 1 selling brand of carriers in the United States. Our product design team is professionally trained and educated in baby wearing techniques so all our carriers are designed to promote a superior experience for both mom or dad and baby.


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  • R1,239.95

    The Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier Flip Light & Airy will elevate your farmers market adventures, park strolls, or day-to-day at-home tasks that require an extra set of hands & extra airflow thanks to its breath mesh design.

    This easy-to-clean, baby-wearing-MVP offers comfy & adaptable baby carrying for mom, dad, and little ones thanks to the ergonomic seat that grows with you from infancy to toddler years, adjustable padded straps, and customizable baby head support.

    Product features:

    • Complete with breather mesh design
    • 4 Ways to Carry:
      • Facing-in Folded Seat
      • Facing-in Expanded Seat
      • Facing-out
      • Back Carry
    • Points of Adjustability:
      • An adjustable waist belt offers lumbar support (Min 3.6kg – Max14.5 kg)
      • Adjustable extra-padded breathable shoulder straps (Min 53.3cm – Max 99cm)
      • Adjustable head support
      • Natural ergonomic “M” seat position when facing in



    Suitable to Carry children between 3.6kg -14.5 kg

    Infantino Convertible Carrier

    Infantino Convertible Carrier Flip 4-in-1

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  • R855.70

    This ergonomic carrier features a unique arched canopy hood that keeps the baby in full sight and happily covered.


    The wide, ergonomic seat supports the baby’s hips in the “M” position. The baby is supported from knee to knee with a naturally rounded back for a safe and comfy ride.


    Mom and Dad will love this carrier too with the plush, adjustable shoulder straps and wide waist belt that transfers weight to the wearer’s hips for a more comfortable fit.


    The Cuddle Up carrier is as adorable as it is functional, with the removable teddy bear hood and a hoodie-inspired pocket for parents’ hands.


    Product features:

    • Comfortable, ergonomic seat for baby 2 ways to carry: Front and Backpack
    • 2 ways to carry: Front and Backpack
    • Removable canopy hood with adorable teddy bear styling
    • Machine washable


    Suitable to Carry children between 5.4kg -18.1 kg



    Infantino CUDDLE UP Hoodie CarrierInfantino

    Infantino CUDDLE UP Hoodie Carrier

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  • R1,264.50

    The Flip 4-in-1 baby carrier’s unique, convertible seat makes this the ideal carrier for infancy through toddler years.


    Use the narrow seat position and padded head support to comfortably hold small infants. Switch to the wide position to continue to provide an ergonomic seat while your child grows.


    Includes the handy Wonder Cover™ bib to protect your clothing and carrier.


    Product features:

    • 4 ways to carry: facing-in (narrow seat), facing-in (wide seat), facing-out, and backpack
    • Carry children from 3.6kg – 14.5 kg
    • Natural, ergonomic seat when facing in
    • Narrow and wide seat positions
    • Adjustable head support
    • Extra-padded shoulder straps
    • Supportive waist belt transfers weight to wearers’ hips
    • Includes Wonder Cover bib


    Suitable for children weigh 3.6kg – 14.5 kg




    Infantino FLIP 4-in-1 Carrier

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    Infantino FLIP 4-in-1 Carrier Convertible

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  • R719.00

    The Swift carrier has a smart and simple design that’s perfect for quick trips and on-the-go families. It’s light and compact so it’s easy to stash or pack in a stroller.


    This pouch style carrier can be worn inward or outward facing. Plus, it includes the detachable Wonder Cover™ bib to protect the carrier and your clothes while adding a fun element of style.


    This updated version of our classic carrier includes a handy pocket for all your essentials.


    Product features:

    • Carry children from 3.6-11.3 kgs
    • 2 ways to carry: facing-in and facing-out
    • Clever Wonder Cover™ 2-in-1 bib protects your clothing and carrier
    • Handy front pocket
    • Washable and wipeable
    • Easy front buckle system opens and closes in a snap
    • Adjustable back strap for a tailored fit


    Suitable for children weight 3.6kg – 11.3 kgs




    Infantino SWIFT Baby CarrierInfantino

    Infantino SWIFT Baby Carrier With Pocket

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