Belluscura is a medical device company founded in the U.K. with headquarters in the United States. Using patented oxygen enrichment technology, their current treatment focus is on improving the quality of life for millions of people worldwide who suffer from chronic lung diseases, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), respiratory distress caused by COVID-19, and many other respiratory disorders.

Belluscura has received numerous awards and accolades for its commitment to innovating oxygen therapy, emphasizing the intentionality behind each product to ensure the quality of life for their end users.


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    The X-PLOR® GEN2 with Nomad Biometrics™ App is the most advanced portable oxygen concentrator on the market. It is an ideal alternative for patients who want to replace their heavy oxygen tanks, allowing them to get on with life without missing a moment.


    Product features:

    • Light weight, only weighs 1.7kg including the battery
    • 4.5 hours of battery life
    • Small and discreet, the advanced zeolite technology reduces the size and weight of the unit
    • User-replaceable cartridges
    • direct charge batteries, no more the need for desktop chargers
    • 4 Pulse flow oxygen setting
    • Bluetooth capability, connecting your phone with your X-PLOR through the NOMAD app.
    • 3 Minutes of continuous flow


    Suitable for pediatric, and adult use

    Portable Oxygen X-PLOR

    Portable Oxygen X-PLOR

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