NURTURE Flexcone™ Manual Breast Pump Gift Set




The NURTURE flexcone™ manual breast pump helps to ensure that you can offer all the benefits of your breast milk to your baby, even when you are not able to be with them.

  • discreet, lightweight & portable for ultimate convenience
  • super soft silicone flexcone™ provides gentle, comfortable, and natural expression for mum and mimic baby’s natural sucking action for more milk flow
  • ergonomic design is portable and lightweight, perfect for use anytime, anywhere
  • manual operation so you can control the flow – the simplest and most convenient way to express milk for your baby
  • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free


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The NURTURE Flexcone™ Manual Breast Pump, together with its super-soft silicone breast cup and flexcone™, provides gentle cushioning around your breast. This allows the pump to mimic the suckling action of baby and provide a natural feeling and effective breast milk expression. Mimicking the way baby would feed from the breast, the flexcone™ manual breast pump works by massaging and squeezing the breast – an effective and comfortable way of promoting milk production and flow without compromising on comfort.

Easy and quick to use whenever you need it most, the vital baby® NURTURE™ flexcone™ manual breast pump has:

  • A unique soft silicone cup and flexcone™ to mimic your baby’s natural suckling action for comfortable and effective expressing.
  • An easy-to-use design which is quick and simple to use when you need it.
  • A discreet, lightweight, and portable design with a super comfortable handle to reduce hand fatigue and provide a smooth operation.
  • Manual operation so you can control the flow – the simplest and most convenient way to express milk for your baby.

Size & dimensions: 85mm x 145mm x 165mm (pump body with bottle)

Composition: Polypropylene, Silicone

Cleaning & Care: See instruction manual for dishwasher and sterilisation suitability. Bottle is suitable for microwave heating with the cap loosely placed.

Included in the pack:

  • 1x vital baby® NURTURE™ flexcone™ manual breast pump
  • 1x vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like feeding bottle 150ml, cap and collar
  • 1x vital baby® NURTURE™ breast like teat slow flow
  • 1x silicone breast cup and flexcone™
  • 1x manual breast pump handle attachment
  • 1x manual breast pump valve
  • 1x bottle stand
  • 1x bottle adapter
  • 1x spare membrane
  • 56x vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra-comfort disposable breast pads
  • 30x vital baby® NURTURE easy-pour breastmilk storage bags
  • 2x vital baby® protect & care silicone nipple shields (universal fit)


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