Infantino My 1st Sensory & Shapes Puzzle Set


This Infantino Sensory & Shapes Puzzle Set teaches problem solving skills and awakens tactile senses. The 24-piece puzzle set introduces curious little minds to shapes, colors and patterns. Plus, eight must-touch sensory engaging fruit shapes keep busy little hands entertained.


Product features:

  • Twenty-four durable puzzle pieces with fruit visuals and words
  • Double sided activities for busy little hands and curious minds
  • Eight must-touch sensory engaging fruit shapes
  • Match by shape, color, or pattern


Suitable for children aged 12 months +


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The Infantino My 1st Sensory & Shapes Puzzle Set is composed of twenty-four cards with fruit shapes and colours and eight fruits in soft textured plastic to place in the card cut-outs. Must-touch sensory toys in the shape of fruits, plus handling and sorting the shapes into the cards makes for a fun experience.

About this item

  • Open-ended play provides opportunities for little ones to try assembling the puzzle pieces together. 
  • Toddlers will find this vibrant puzzle set helps them discover and identify the tactile fruit shapes on their own.
  • These puzzle pieces are the perfect size for toddlers to hold, move around, and fit together.
  • Encourages toddlers to develop early problem-solving and fine motor skills by teaching how to match shapes through sight and touch.


How puzzles Help your baby’s development:

  • Cognitive Development

When children play with puzzles, they learn the power of choice and strategy as they begin to recognize and thoughtfully understand how pieces fit together to complete a larger picture. Playing with puzzles helps them to better understand how themes work together and fit into the world around them.

  • Fine Motor Development

Playing with puzzles requires children to grasp pieces of all shapes and sizes and manipulate them to fit exactly into a cutout shape or slot. This process can involve sorting and testing of various shapes until the right one is found. Through this task, children develop small muscle movements and dexterity in their hands and fingers.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

While developing fine motor skills, playing with puzzles requires children to learn to make their eyes and hands work together to find the right piece. When using the process of “guess and check” to find the piece that fits, a child’s eyes, brain and hands are working to identify the piece, grasp it, work with it to make it fit and choose a new piece if that one isn’t right.

  • Memory

When working to complete a puzzle, children must rely heavily on their ability to remember which shapes work together to complete the picture. If a piece doesn’t fit, the child will set it aside, but will still need to remember its shape and color in relation to the rest of the puzzle.

Puzzles are a fun and educational way to challenge children to think strategically while learning life skills.



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