Infantino Textures Sensory Pal Turtle


Little hands will love exploring the interesting textures of these cheerful characters. Perfect for encouraging sensory and tactile discovery.



Product features:

  • Interesting textures to discover and explore
  • Crinkly fabric in his flippers
  • Easily attaches to car seats and strollers
  • BPA free


Suitable for children aged 0 months +


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Little hands will love exploring the interesting textures on this cheerful Infantino Textures Sensory Turtle Pal.  Using a squishy, textured shell, the Infantino Textures Sensory Turtle Pal will provide the child with sensory stimulation.  Perfect for encouraging tactile discovery. The attachment loop at the top easily attaches to car seats and strollers.

In the first year of your baby’s life, they will develop a variety of fine motor skills. For instance, a newborn typically has a primitive hand grasp and by 2 months of age, they can hold a rattle when it’s placed in their hand.

By 6 months of age, babies can typically hold one block in two hands and can shake a rattle. At 9 months, most babies display the raking pincer grasp and by 12 months of age they have perfected the pincer grasp, can hold a bottle, and can drop a block into a cup.

To Encourage Sensory Development:

  • Baby loves to see your face. Mobiles and overhead gyms are helpful to encourage eye tracking.
  • Familiar smells, like breast milk, calm and soothe baby. Try sleeping with a baby blanket and giving it to the baby for comfort. They love your smell most of all.
  • Baby loves the sound of your voice. Try singing and narrating your day.
  • Cuddle time! Provide plenty of skin-to-skin contact.
  • Attracted to the sweet (but not sugary) flavor of breast milk and formula.
  • If breastfeeding, eat a varied, nutritious diet. Your baby will be able to taste the changes in your milk.


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