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Infantino Stack O’ Fun Stacking Cups 8 Pieces is an easy to use toy that will allow baby to discover new textures, patterns and colours as they play. The cups have a perforated bottom and number, and each cup has a unique shape. Perfect for helping to support hand-eye coordination and healthy sensory enhancement.

  • Comes with seven stacking cups and a water mill.
  • Features spinning water wheel.
  • Cups have perforated bottom, and number Introduces number concepts.
  • Each cup with different shapes and fun for the bath, the swimming pool, and the beach.


Suitable for children aged 9 months +


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The Infantino Stack O’ Fun Stacking Cups, a versatile and engaging toy designed to captivate your little one’s curiosity. These colorful cups provide endless hours of entertainment while promoting crucial developmental skills.

To begin with, the vibrant hues of the stacking cups grab your child’s attention instantly. These shades not only stimulate visual perception but also encourage color recognition—an essential milestone in early childhood development.

Moreover, the Stack O’ Fun Stacking Cups feature a smart interlocking design. This enables your child to not only stack them high but also nest them neatly, fostering spatial awareness and fine motor skills. The seamless connectivity of the cups introduces a delightful challenge that enhances problem-solving abilities in an enjoyable manner.

Transitioning from one activity to another becomes a breeze with the Stack O’ Fun. Whether it’s stacking, nesting, or exploring water play, these cups seamlessly adapt to various play scenarios. This adaptability ensures that your child stays engaged and entertained, promoting extended periods of playtime.

Furthermore, the Stack O’ Fun Stacking Cups are crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, ensuring your child’s safety during play. The durability of the cups guarantees long-lasting enjoyment and makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

As your child explores the Stack O’ Fun, the cups introduce fundamental concepts like size and volume. These educational elements lay the foundation for mathematical understanding in an intuitive and enjoyable manner.

In conclusion, Infantino Stack O’ Fun Stacking Cups are more than just toys—they are tools for early childhood development. With their captivating colors, versatile design, and educational value, these cups provide a holistic play experience. Invest in your child’s growth and joy with the Stack O’ Fun Stacking Cups—an indispensable addition to every young explorer’s playtime.


Cleaning & care: Wash with soapy water, rinse and allow to dry.

Suitable from: 9m+

Colour:  Multi-colour

Included in the pack: 8 piece Infantino Stack O’ Fun Stacking Cups


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