Infantino Jingle Sea Charms Teether


Infantino Jingle Charms Rattle is perfect for on-the-go entertainment.

Simply hang this adorable turtle rattle from the car seat bars & strollers to watch the charms rattle & shake!


Links to car seats, strollers and more.


Product features:

  • Links to car seats, strollers and more
  • On-the-go fun for your little gem
  • BPA free


Suitable for children aged 3 months +


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The Infantino Jingle Sea Charms Teether Rattle beads and click-clacking elements make these under-the-sea friends’ fun to shake and bat. While the Infantino Jingle Sea Charms Teether provides loads of fun, it can also easily link to the car seat, strollers, diaper bags, and more for on-the-go fun. Ideal gift for a baby and will surely provide endless hours of fun.


To Encourage Sensory Development:

  • Make consistent and meaningful gestures. Try teaching baby some simple sign language words, like “more” and “milk.”
  • Avoid harsh smelling environments and continue to introduce new flavors.
  • Use noisy toys to show cause and effect – hit it, make a noise!
  • Play with toys that require gripping and finger movement to encourage hand and finger control. Create associations by naming textures.
  • Experiment with offering new food textures, including soft finger foods.


About this item:
Design: Small hands can easily hold the teether. The teether has built-in handles and textures to promote baby’s development while soothing tender gums.
Material benefits: Designed with BPA free material to provide a strong, yet soft biting experience.
Development: Mouthing helps babies explore the world using their senses to learn about texture, taste and temperature and build muscles they will use later in life for eating and speaking.


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The Infantino team thinks smart, creates smart, and has loads of fun while doing it. Their joy comes from watching the world love and use the Infantino toys daily.


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 5 cm