Infantino Bath Duck Family


The Infantino Bath duck & family are the perfect classic bath time companions for your baby. Distract your child from the task of bathing and make it fun for everyone involved.

The ducks can also be used as toys outside the tub but empty all water of the toys to prevent mildew growth. it is ideal for babies older than 6 months. It is time for some fun in the tub. these classic bath ducks are fun for bath time or anytime.

  • Set of 3 – Mother Duck with 2 Baby Duckies!
  • Ideal safety toy for bathing infants.
  • Perfect for bath time or anytime.
  • Empty all water of toys to prevent mildew growth.
  • Keeps kids occupied for several hours and helps develop their imaginative skills.
  • perfect choice to keep your kids entertained.


Suitable for children aged 6 months +


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The Infantino Bath Duck Family, your child’s perfect companions during bath time. Crafted with care, these adorable rubber duckies ensure a delightful and safe bathing experience for your little one.

Make a splash with these charming bath toys that captivate your baby’s attention with vibrant colors and cute designs. Whether it’s the classic yellow duckling or the playful white or green ones, each member of the Infantino Bath Duck Family brings joy and excitement to the tub.

Dive into the water fun as your baby explores sensory play, enhancing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These ducks are not just bath toys; they’re developmental tools, making every bath a valuable learning opportunity.

Designed with your baby’s safety in mind, the Infantino Bath Duck Family is made from BPA-free materials, ensuring a worry-free playtime. The smooth surfaces and rounded edges guarantee a gentle touch, making them suitable for even the most delicate skin.

What sets these ducks apart is their buoyancy and water resistance, ensuring they stay afloat and entertain your little one throughout the entire bath session. Plus, the easy-to-grasp design allows tiny hands to hold and squeeze, promoting a tactile experience.

Transitioning from playtime to cleanup is a breeze – these ducks are quick to dry, preventing any unwanted mold or mildew. Say goodbye to post-bath toy maintenance headaches!

In conclusion, make every bath an adventure with the Infantino Bath Duck Family. These charming companions not only entertain but also contribute to your baby’s overall development. Elevate bath time with the perfect blend of safety, learning, and fun!


Cleaning & care: Squeeze all water out of the duck family, allow to dry.

Suitable from: 6 m+

Colour:  Yellow

Included in the pack: 1 x Mama duck and 2 baby ducks.


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