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    Babies will go gaga for their first realistic keyset, with fun activities that are ideal for promoting fine and gross motor skill development.  Press the buttons to activate lights, music, and real car sounds!  Shake the toy to hear clacking & rattling keys.  The easy to hold handle is perfect for little hands.  Features a variety of materials and textures to promote sensory development including a crinkle fox charm and a BPA-free feather teether.

    • Four easy to press buttons play real car sounds and music.
    • Light up key fob promotes visual engagement.
    • BPA-free feather teether.
    • Crinkle fox charm.
    • On/off parental controls.
    • Batteries included.


    Suitable for children aged 6 months +

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    The Infantino Lights & Music Key Set is an engaging and stimulating toy designed to captivate your baby's attention and promote visual development.

    Infantino Lights & Music Key Set

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    Ease your baby into peaceful slumber with this soothing fox night light that plays lullaby music while projecting a colorful, moving light display. Features 20 minutes of music or nature sounds, including 5 songs and three nature sounds. The gentle movement of the fox’s tail brings motion to the light projection, creating visual interest and promoting eye tracking and focus. The baby fox is removable, for a night light little ones can hold. Adjustable light and music settings, to use with or without audio.

    • 20 minutes of music or nature Sound; five songs and three natures Sound
    • Moving tail creates layered light projection
    • Removable baby fox mini light
    • Adjustable light and music settings


    Suitable for children aged 0 months +


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    Infantino Musical Soother & Night Light Projector

    Infantino Night Light Projector

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    Funky beats, busy switches, and silly songs are perfect for any mini-maestro. Push, slide, and spin the turntable knobs to activate the crossfader and pitch effects, changing the music and activating super sound effects. Light up turntables have rotating rims for record-scratching sound effects. The beads on the headphones are fun to slide and spin. Features two volume settings.

    • 2 light-up turntable drums with rotating rims for record scratching sound effect
    • Crossfader and pitch change sliders
    • Busy beads on the headphones
    • Two volume settings


    Suitable for children aged 6 – 36 months +


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    Infantino's Spin & Slide DJ Panda is more than just a toy; it's a tool for early childhood development. With its engaging features, bold colors, and emphasis on safety, this interactive panda is a must-have for parents seeking both fun and educational value in their baby's playtime.

    Infantino Spin & Slide DJ Panda

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