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    The Bedside Monitor stores data in a trend and event database. You can view measurement trend graphs and alarming events to help you identify changes in the patient’s physiological condition. The ZD120E monitor can be used during transport situations and for connectivity to clinical networks.

    Product features:

    • Pacemaker detection and rejection capability – compliance with AAMI EC 13
    • Defibrillator protection – Tested with 5kV
    • Drug Calculation
    • Quick mode operation
    • High-Performance Internal Lithium Ion Battery
    • Multi-parameter patient monitor
    • 31 cm LED-backlit LCD – non-touch screen
    • Slim body with a hidden handle, easy to move
    • Visual and audio alarm with triple colored alarm indicator
    • No-fan design matches the requirements of multi-patient ward
    • Able to save data when power supply fails
    • It can be used to monitor and record multiple physiological parameters of adults, children, and newborns
    • The monitor can be used both during transport and at the bedside.
    • Modern slim design with 120 mm width.
    • It can print seven waveforms simultaneously with the optional 112 mm detachable printer
    • Menu control with navigation knob.
    • Can be wall-mounted or positioned on a mobile stand.


    Suitable for Neonatal, paediatric, and adult use


    Bedside Monitor ZD120E

    Bedside Monitor ZD120E

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