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    Add a splash of fun to bath time with the Infantino Orca the Whale! This adorable shape-sorting spraying whale lets babies explore and learn while having fun. With four colorful shapes to sort into their corresponding slots, little ones can also use them as water scoops! Its button-activated spray that sends a gentle squirt from the blowhole is an attractive addition to the learning playtime! Babies develop cognitive thinking and hand-eye coordination by picking up and putting back the shapes. It’s sized just right for baby hands and perfect for bath time. Let your little one explores in a fun way to play with Infantino Orca the Whale!

    • Four colorful sorting shapes.
    • Fun water squirt function.
    • Encourages fine motor skills.
    • Introduces early cause and effect play.
    • Perfectly sized for little hands.
    • Babies develop cognitive thinking and hand-eye coordination.


    Suitable for children aged 12 months +




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    Encourage curiosity during tummy time with Orca's mirror belly. Your baby will love gazing at their reflection, fostering self-recognition and curiosity with Infantino Orca the Whale.

    Infantino Orca the Whale

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    Have fun in the tub with Infantino and the Sensory Plug & Play Plumber Set. You and your little one gets to work together to build your own bath time robot friend that moves and grooves when water is poured into the funnel attached to its head. Help your little one learns about cause and effect with taps that control the water flow, and a variety of moving parts for making bath time fun for everyone.

    • Design: Help baby learn cause and effect while practicing gross and fine motor skills.
    • 16 pieces for babies and toddlers to create their own robot with different configurations.
    • BPA free.
    • Easy to wipe clean, intended for use in bath.


    Suitable for children aged 10 months +


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    Infantino Plug & Play Plumber Set™

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    SPLASH sharks & whales’ bath squirters bring the fun to bathtime!

    • super bath time fun
    • encourages imaginative play, while learning!
    • helps to develop hand to eye co-ordination
    • an aid to learning colours and important sea creatures
    • Three animal water squirters
    • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free



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    SPLASH Squirt & Splash Sharks and Whales

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