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  • Invented by a NICU Nurse and Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Angele’s Wipes are designed to make the removal of medical adhesives easy and pain-free for patients, while also minimizing the risk of skin irritation and damage. May be used as massage and skin oil.

    • Invented to be used on all adhesive dressings, such as hydrocolloids, transparent dressings, tapes, and bandages.
    • Reduces TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss) in premature infants.
    • 100% organic virgin coconut oil uses no toxic chemicals to break down adhesives.
    • For use on all patients from Neonates to Geriatrics. Gentle on fragile skin.
    • Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal.
    • FDA Registered.
    • Nurse Created & Approved.
    • Removes Adhesive Bandage & Dressings:
      • EKG leads
      • Hydrocolloids
      • Silicone adhesive
      • Tape and bandages
      • Stoma wafers
      • Wound and surgical dressings


    Pack Size: 25 Wipes per box


    100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. ... Invented by a NICU Nurse and Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Angele's Wipes are designed to make the removal of medical adhesives easy and pain free.

    Angele’s Adhesive Remover Wipes

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  • Invented by a Nurse Practitioner, ArcAngel is a secure, adjustable, multi-functional neonatal and pediatric endotracheal tube holder that eliminates tape and increases ETT/NGT placement accuracy. The ArcAngel cheek pads are gentle, adjustable and easy to clean.

    • Securely holds both endotracheal and gastric suction/feeding tube.
    • Adjust ET and NG or gastric suction tubes independently of each other.
    • NG / gastric suction tube can be inserted and secured both orally and nasally.
    • 0.25cm hash marks on the holder make adjustments safe and precise.
    • MRI safe – metal free.
    • Non allergenic – latex free.
    • Eliminates tape on baby’s face for better visibility.
    • Decreased risk of skin damage due to tape irritation and repeated cleaning/reapplication.
    • Cheek pads can be wiped clean and are fully adjustable for custom fit.
    • Cheek pads are designed to eliminate the need to trim.
    • The arc is easily removed in emergency situations without need to remove cheek pads.



    neonatal and pediatric endotracheal tube holder

    ArcAngel Endotracheal Tube Holder

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    The NURTURE flexcone™ hospital graded electric breast pump helps to ensure that you can offer all the benefits of your breast milk to your baby, even when you are not able to be with them.

    • hospital graded pump
    • double expression
    • night light
    • discreet, quiet, lightweight, and portable for total convenience
    • rechargeable battery for expression anytime, anywhere
    • memory function
    • super soft silicone flexcone™ provides gentle, comfortable, and natural expression for mum and mimic baby’s natural sucking action for more milk flow
    • 2-phase expression promotes milk production by mimicking baby’s natural breast-feeding action
    • Three speed settings and seven strength levels in stimulation mode
    • ergonomic design is portable and lightweight, perfect for use anywhere.
    • supplied with a manual conversion kit, keeping you always covered
    • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free
    • FDA Approved


    NURTURE™ Flexcone™ Double Electric Breast Pump

    NURTURE™ Flexcone™ Double Electric Breast Pump

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  • R1,200.00

    Make the most of your breast pumping journey with the NURTURE™ Flexcone™ Manual Conversion Kit. Experience the freedom to pump your way, whenever and wherever you need. Say hello to convenience, comfort, and cost savings, all in one package from hospital to home. Order your Flexcone™ today and enjoy a new level of breastfeeding flexibility!

    • the conversion kit is sterile packed and does not require pre-wash
    • Includes everything you need to start your breastfeeding journey. tubes with universal adapters, 120ml bottles, membranes, breast shields and valves (breast pump not included)
    • easy to convert between hospital pump and your breast pump at home – the simplest and most convenient way to express milk for your baby
    • super soft silicone Flexcone™ provides gentle, and comfort
    • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free


    Nappi Code: 1140423001 Claimable through medical aids (scheme dependent)



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    NURTURE™ Flexcone™ Expression Kit

    NURTURE™ Flexcone™ Expression Kit

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